Literary Previews

Here is where you can get a taste of things I am writing that I am trying to get published and things that may never get published for one reason or another.



I wrote this one after I though of what would happen if I was a litle short on cash the night my son lost his tooth.


Excerpt from

The Tooth Fairy Stole My Tooth


Last night I lost my tooth.

It popped out while I was eating an apple.

Mom told me to place the tooth under my pillow and the Tooth Fairy would exchange it for money.

This sounded too good to be true, but I did it anyway.

A detailed map would help the Tooth Fairy know exactly where to find my tooth.  I didn’t want there to be any confusion.

But the next morning… there was no money…and there was no tooth.

(The Tooth Fairy stole my tooth!)

I called the police and explained what happened. (I’ve been tooth snatched and demand justice!)

They told me the Tooth Fairy fell outside their jurisdiction.

I had no idea what that meant, though it sounded an awful lot like they weren’t going to help.

I took it upon myself to crack the case.


Here is a sample of a new one I have been working on.  It’s not quite ready yet, but I like the way it is progressing.


Excerpt from

A Single Step


Finn was a man who didn’t go out.

He never cared much what this world was about.

His neighbors would stop and ask everyday

“Please come and join us!  What do you say?”

But Finn had excuses, excuses galore

“I’m tired, I’m thinking, my pinky is sore.

It’s hot, it’s too cold, I have a slight cough

So he sat on his porch and he never stepped off.

Then something appeared when he woke from his snooze.

At the edge of his porch sat an old pair of shoes.

Glancing around Finn saw a strange sight

A man with no shoes walking into the light.


A sneak peek of the first Monster&Me story that I wrote. The one that started me down this writing path.


Excerpt from

Monster Needs a Haircut

Monster needs a haircut, since his hair is growing long.

It’s getting very matted, and the styling is all wrong.

I took him to the barber, and he trembled quite a bit.

He stomped his feet, he cried out loud, and then he had a fit!

Monster said, “ I know my head is getting very hairy.

I’m frightened of the barber and I think he’s very scary!”

I said to Monster, “It’s okay. New things are sometimes weird.”

“A haircut is a simple thing and nothing to be feared.”


Excerpt from

A Song to the Moon

Just before the break of dawn, Abigail heard the birds singing and remembered the paper under her pillow. She went to the window and accompanied the birds with her song.


(To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Time for Moon to go to sleep

Eyes are heavy, yawns are deep

Owl and wolf will close their eyes

Both will sleep as others rise

Twinkling stars have dimmed their light

Morning’s here to end the night.


Time for Moon to go to bed

Close her eyes and rest her head

Birds will sing and end their rest

Spread their wings and leave the nest

Morning comes with the waking sun

Sleep Moon, sleep, your night is done.


And the moon went to sleep.


“Sweet dreams Moon.” Abigail whispered. “And good morning sun.”



An Excerpt from

Magic Parachute


I fly with the eagle to mountainous peaks, where she’ll perch in her nest as she squawks and she shrieks.

I drift with the stars as I circle the moon. And laugh at the cow and the dish and the spoon.

Pulled by a comet from back of its tail, through oceans of sky like a boat with a sail.

No matter the part of the world that I roam, my parachute magically knows the way home.

Slowly I float back down to my room, the journey is over, dawn waiting to bloom.

As daylight begins to peak through the lace, I lay in my blankets cozy embrace.



An Excerpt from

The Haberdashery


When using your imagination one needs to be careful. Anything is possible therefore anything can happen. If

one should imagine their blanket to be a parachute floating on the wind, then it is completely possible during a

blustery day one might end up in Africa. If one were to imagine exploring the galaxy discovering strange new

worlds, then one should expect aliens to stop by for tea. Aidan was a master conductor with his imagination, and

was careful not to let it run wild. But on one particular day, as Aidan imagined a grand adventure of one kind or

another, his mother called to him. “Aidan please get ready we are going to the Haberdashery.” And with that, his

imagination took over.



An Excerpt from

Princesses Don’t Pick Their Noses


A princess says thank you. A princess says please.

A princess says bless you! If someone should sneeze.

A princess may dance and spin on her toes.

A princess should never try picking her nose.

A princess is strong. A princess is brave.

A princess will listen, and always behave.

A princess is regal wherever she goes.

Just not when her finger is deep in her nose!

5 comments on “Literary Previews
  1. Sue says:

    All of these are terrific. So much talent . . . for a scientist, is it? Hey, is the one about Monster getting a hair cut for Monster and Me book 2? I am reviewing your first one, Monster Needs a Costume today. Monster is a fun character and I would love to keep reviewing your books. Only Scarletta Kids will see. If not, I’ll try to keep up and call them. Really nice first children’s book. It is a BIG deal!

    • Paul Czajak says:

      Hi Sue thank you for the great comment, and yes my day job is a Chemist. No the Haircut one is on the back burner since right now there are a few stories about monsters getting haircuts. Who knew that would be such a popular topic? The second book out in April 2014 will be Monster needs His Sleep and the Monster Needs a Christmas Tree for the Fall of 2014.

      • Sue says:

        I will keep an eye out for those. Scarletta Kids sends me new books, but I never know which ones. Usually, if I request a certain book they will don’t hesitate to send it. So I will mark my calendar to I remember. Good luck! I hope Monster is okay with long hair. :(

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Hello, these all sound like good children’s book. I saw you at the GJM family reading night. My kids enjoyed the monster story and the book tree story. How do we purchase your books?

    • admin says:

      Hello! Sorry I’m late to answering your question. I’m so glad you and your kids enjoyed the visit! You can purchase my books at most bookstores or on Amazon.

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