Back From the ALA!



Happy almost 4th of July!

So I just returned from the American Library
Association’s Annual Conference
in Las Vegas and let me tell you I had a blast! The reason I attended was for promotional purposes for the Monster & Me series. I visited the Scarletta booth and signed a ton of books, which was really cool.

Here I am Signing away!

Here I am Signing away!

Check out this line!

Check out this line!









After the signing I was able to walk around and check out all the other booths and speakers. The ALA is huge! Almost too big. I had no idea what goes behind getting a book into a readers hands. From publisher and book distributers to the people who make the shelves for display, they were all there. Unfortunately my signing got in the way of me hearing any of the speakers I was interested in, but that really isn’t a bad problem to have.

Another reason for attending was to finally meet my publisher and Editor in person. We sat down and had a nice dinner where they explained what they have in store for Monster. I already posted that Monster Needs a Costume will be sold in Target but I now was told that it will be available in Toys R Us and K-Mart as well!

I was able to see the F&G (folded and Gathered) of Monster Needs A Christmas Tree.  This is a unbound version of the book that the publisher can show to people what is coming out soon. After seeing it, I have to say it is my favorite Monster story so far! Wendy Grieb did a fantastic job illustrating this book.

Scarletta Kids has many exciting things coming for Monster, here’s a quick glimpse:

  • It’s so fluffy!  You guessed right, Monster is going to be a plushy.  No timeline on that yet.  Apparently Monster is very intricate with his poofy hair and long claws.
  • His very own website.  It isn’t ready yet but once it is up and running I will have link for it.
  • And of course more Monster stories. Like: Monster Needs A Party; for spring 2015, Monster Needs to Exercise; Fall 2015, Monster Needs an Apron; TBD and Monster Needs to Vote; TBD


Stay tuned for more details on these great milestones and more good news about Monster & Me!


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One comment on “Back From the ALA!
  1. I would imagine attending ALA was a blast indeed! I get the opportunity to go to Vegas in Oct with my husband…while I’m not attending a conference of any sort, it will be a sort of Writer’s Retreat. I am determined while my husband is at his conference, I will write away in the hotel room – uninterrupted by life as I am at home! Then we’ll get to take in the shows of Vegas in the evenings. YAY!

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