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Be A Leader



Imagine, if you will, you have a child that’s ten years old. He or she is in the middle of a soccer game and the score is tied with about 10 minutes left in the game. Calls have gone for your childs’ team and calls have gone against your childs’ team. But instead of playing the game and doing his or her best to lead their team to victory they run around yelling at the top of their lungs how the game is rigged. Your child yells at the referees, and yells at the opposing team’s parents calling them cheats out to destroy the game of soccer. Your child defies the very nature of the game and calls on his teammates to never play the game again if they should lose.

What would you do as a parent?

Honestly, what would you say to your child? Would it be something along the line:

“Good job! Granted you could have finished the game and possibly won, but this shows much better leadership.”


“Stop whining about the calls, be a leader and play the best you can!”

I would like to think most parents would tell their kids to stop whining and finish the game. Leadership, good sportsmanship, these are qualities we try as parents to instill upon our kids. Qualities, I fear, that are lacking in this year’s Presidential Election.

I am obviously drawing a parallel with my soccer whiner and one particular candidate, Donald Trump. Now, before you tell me that this isn’t a fair comparison and fraud is rampant in our political system I have only one word:


There has never been a case of voter fraud that has even come close to impacting a presidential election. But more importantly the election hasn’t happened yet! Nothing has been determined. You still have ten minutes left in the game and the score is close. Stop whining and play the game, you still have a chance to win.

Donald Trump’s constant rhetoric of a rigged election is nothing more than a spoiled child’s rants when he or she doesn’t get their way. So I ask you, if we wouldn’t accept this type of action from our own children why would we accept them from a Presidential Candidate?

I can understand the Republican point of view when it comes to policy. I may not agree with many of their stances when it comes to domestic and foreign affairs, but it’s something that can be discussed and compromises can be made. A good leader recognizes this and will do their best to work with the differences and not against them. This is not what Trump is doing. In fact, he couldn’t be more of the opposite. He’s calling it quits. Things aren’t going like he wants it so he’s taking his ball and he’s going home while calling everyone a cheater. Yes, he’s that kid on the playground.

It doesn’t bother me what your political party is, I don’t care if you are conservative or liberal. What Trump is doing transcends all of that. He is questioning the legitimacy of an election that hasn’t happened yet just because he is down in the polls. He can’t accept the fact that he may lose this election. He would rather stop the game, and watch it all burn than to admit defeat. Not only is this action dangerous, but it does a disservice to the people who will vote for him. Trump is so caught up in winning he has forgotten what he is running for in the first place, and his screaming and whining will delegitimize the very voice he is supposedly speaking for.

If he loses, as the polls say he will, then he needs to be the leader we all try and teach our children to be. Accept defeat gracefully and then work with the winning administration so that the voice of the other 40+% doesn’t get lost. Our country works best when we work together. No one person, and no one party has it 100% right. A good leader knows this, a good leader lives by this, and a good leader shows us they don’t tell us.

So I say to the winner, but more importantly to the loser of this election: Don’t tell me you are a good leader, act like one.


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2 comments on “Be A Leader
  1. Michele says:

    I wish things had gone as the polls showed they would. Is it okay for me to whine now that he was elected?

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