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#Monsterselfie Contest!!! | Paul Czajak - Author

#Monsterselfie Contest!!!


#monsterselfie @Target


To celebrate the release of Monster Needs a Costume in Target I am holding a #monsterselfie contest!

Send me a Tweet of a picture of yourself or something more creative if you choose, with the book, Monster Needs A Costume. The picture has to be from Target, preferably showing the book on the shelf. Include me, @pczajak, #monsterselfie and @Target.

How many winners? What will I get?!!!

Great questions I’m glad you asked!

There will be two winners! I know it’s insane!

The first tweet I receive will get their choice of a signed copy of either Monster Needs a Costume , or Monster Needs His Sleep.

The most creative will win both, plus the soon to be released Monster Needs A Christmas Tree! Out October 1st 2014

So get Tweeting and get creative! But keep it clean these are children’s books!

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2 comments on “#Monsterselfie Contest!!!
  1. Darcy says:

    Oh man, I missed the contest. My Target was sold out! But, luckily I found a copy at another Target today. Can’t wait to read it to my kids tonight. They love Monster Needs His Sleep.

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