Waiting Time is Busy Time

It’s that time of year again!

It’s waiting time!

I feel like I’m in a kind of purgatory right now.  It’s kind of the problem with having your first book be a holiday themed book; in my case Halloween.  No one is really thinking about purchasing a book in January about costumes and trick or treating. So I sit and wait for book 2, Monster Needs His Sleep, to come out in April 2014.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining.  But as I mentioned in other posts I hate waiting, though this time around it is a bit different.  I now have a better idea how to promote.  Not only Monster Needs a Costume, which is still for sale people, but for book 2 as well.  I’m feeling more comfortable with Twitter as well as Pinterest. Check out my Tweet that ended up on the NBC experience store Pinterest site.  Does it help sell books?  Not sure, but it does help me become more visible.  So maybe the waiting isn’t so bad, if I was busy all the time I would never have come up with that simple picture to Tweet out.

I am also starting to set up more school visits for the April release. As well as SKYPE visits for World Read Aloud Day. I am very excited about this, this is a great program where I will be matched up with a class on March 5th and do a SKYPE visit.  I will read my book and answer as many questions the kids can ask!

So I may be waiting but it’s a good wait.  I guess the motto should be “Hurry up and wait so you can get to work!”

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2 comments on “Waiting Time is Busy Time
  1. Hey, if there’s Christmas in July, why can’t you have Halloween in Jan? ;)

    • Paul Czajak says:

      Does that mean I can go out and buy several bags of candy that I say I’m going to hand out but actually end up eating myself?

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