Interview of Myself part Deux

In celebration of Monster Needs a Costume being selected as a Moms Choice gold recipient, I decided to once again interview myself. I figure at this point I am probably the only one who can deal with me, plus it keeps me out of my wife’s hair for a bit. So without further ado I give you Interview of Myself part Deux. (I took two weeks of Spanish)

Paul the interviewer: Today I would like to welcome back children’s author…

Paul the Writer: AWARD winning children’s author.

Paul the interviewer: Oh, my mistake. Award winning children’s author Paul Czajak. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and answer my questions. I know you must be busy with your book as well as the holidays.

Paul the Writer: Yes it has been quite busy but anything for my number one fan!

Paul the interviewer: Well I wouldn’t go so far as to say “number one fan”. Though I did enjoy your book Monster Needs A Costume.

Paul the Writer: Oh, so it’s like that again. Fine.

Paul the interviewer: Right. As you eluded to, Monster Needs A Costume, which is the first in the Monster & Me series published by Scarletta press, is now a Mom’s Choice Award Gold recipient. You must be so pleased!

Paul the Writer: I am!, This is a wonderful accomplishment for everyone associated to the book. Especially Wendy Greib, the illustrator. Without her pictures I doubt this book would have gotten a second look. But let’s not forget you! You had a bit to do with the writing as well.

Paul the interviewer: Thank you, though I was working with a very talented, modest, up and coming writer.

Paul the Writer: That is true, you were.

Paul the interviewer: So what is it that makes Monster Needs A Costume worthy of a Moms Choice Award?

Paul the Writer: Really? That seems a bit backhanded don’t you think? Do I have to remind you who your interviewing?

Paul the interviewer: I apologize I’m just trying to get the writers insight for our readers. And that should be “you’re” not “your”.

Paul the Writer: Oh…of course…what a hilarious misunderstanding. Can we take care of that in editing?

Paul the interviewer: Done.

Paul the Writer: To answer your question, what isn’t there to love about Monster? He’s big, innocent, creative and confident. He is excited about everything he does and when met with a challenge he thinks outside the box to solve it. It’s a fun story to read with a subtle message woven in. You add in the wonderful illustrations that kids will love and it’s a no brainier. I just don’t understand why I haven’t gotten a call yet from that guy Nobel.

Paul the interviewer: Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Plus I don’t believe there is an actual guy named Nobel that’s going to call you.

Paul the Writer: Really? Seems like an odd name for a prize then.

Paul the interviewer: Ok, that’s all the time we have today. Thank you Mr. Czajak for another…colorful interview.

Paul the Writer: I mean really if that’s the case why don’t they call it The Giant Panel of People We Don’t Know the Names Of Prize for Literature?

Paul the interviewer: Let it go.

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  1. Kirsti Call says:

    Thanks for the chuckle.

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