Exciting News!!!

Exciting time for Monster & Me™!  Notice the trade mark?  Yup thats right, Monster and Me has been officially trademarked!  Not only that but I recently received a letter of intent from Scarletta for 4 more Monster & Me™ stories. Which means Monster Needs His Sleep will debut April 8th 2014 that one is set.  The Four new ones will be…drum roll please….

Monster Needs a Christmas Tree Sept 2014

Monster Needs to Exercise 2015

Monster Needs an Apron 2015

Monster Needs a Party 2016

So like I said very exciting!  So keep coming back and checking in hopefully I will be posting more good news.

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4 comments on “Exciting News!!!

    Yes, this is a time that calls for so many exclamation points. :) Congratulations.

  2. Monster needs to rest up before all the new books come out! Congratulations and I particularly can’t wait for Monster Needs to Exercise. It’s not only fabulous but a needed book. I’m excited for you and Monster.

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