3-2-1 Book Launch!

This past week end I had the pleasure of putting on my first book launch party for Monster Needs A Costume! Minus one impromptu toddler potty incident and I felt it went surprisingly well. Jabberwocky BookShop in Newburyport MA was a great host and did a wonderful job marketing the party. Several people showed up, some in costume, that I didn’t know which was nice to see. It’s one thing when friends and family show up to buy your book, but it’s another thing when people you don’t know take interest.

The kids got to make monster masks which were a big hit. Monster Model

making masks







Then I did a reading of my book. One thing that I was not expecting were the questions from the audience, but as I look back on it I guess I should have.

reading book

By far the most surreal thing that happened was when a parent wanted to take a picture of me with her child holding the book. My first brush with the paparazzi, I don’t know how Brad and Angelia deal with it!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and to those who had a hand in putting it together (mainly my wife). All in all it was a great day and I can’t wait for the next book signing which will be in New Jersey September 29th. Check out the appearances tab for more information.

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