Kirkus Review!

Here is my first review of my first picture book Monster Needs a Costume I am very happy and excited to see such a positive review.  A cork shall be popped tonight!


From Kirkus Review

“What to wear for trick-or-treating? The perennial dilemma stumps Monster, who takes costume suggestions from a helpful boy, who narrates this rhyming tale.”

“Czajak tells the story in rollicking verse that propels readers through a trial-and-error process. Grieb’s Monster is an oversized fellow with yellow striped horns, a significant underbite and a generous tuft of purplish hair. Accommodating such a figure, with his big feet and long tail, is a challenge.”

” Given the jaunty flow of the story and the humorous details on every page, put this at the top of the list for unscary options come October. (Picture book. 3-6)”

The full review will be available online to the public two weeks before the realse date of September 3rd 2013

Or you can get the printed version from Kirkus Aug 1st 2013.

Kirkus Review

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