Introspective Look on Editing

Right now I am deep in the editing process. Monster Needs a Costume is due in September so that one is done. But with two books being released in the spring of 2014, (Monster Needs His Sleep; Seaver the Weaver) and a third in the fall of 2014 (Monster Needs A Christmas Tree) the days have been less to do with creating new stories and more to do with reworking existing ones. It is amazing the number of things that have to be “fixed” in a 500 word picture book. Though I guess that’s the writing process. What I find to be the biggest challenge is not necessarily the fact that I need to change something that I originally thought was perfect, because deep down inside I know nothing is perfect. The biggest challenge is coming up with the fix. The way I write is I sit and write and see where the story goes and usually the story writes itself. It’s my way of avoiding writers block. But when I need to go back to the story after my editor says fix x,y and z I find I get “revision block”. Which means I sit and stare at the page. The organic nature of writing is taken out and I have to focus on one particular section. It’s almost like telling a plant to grow more to the left after its grown to the right. It can be done with force buts its a slow process.

Thankfully I have been blessed with good editors that steer me in the right direction, making helpful suggestions and not just saying “this section doesn’t work fix it”. But even with the helpful suggestions the “block” still occurs and I have to take a step back and do something else. That something else can be focused like karate or more simple like grilling. I am sorry to any vegetarians out there that may be reading this.

Actually I’m not those ribs were delicious.image

Whatever I decide to do, it takes my mind off what I have to do and the organic nature of writing returns. I guess this isn’t really rocket science, all it is is an example of “let your mind go and your body will follow”, or in this case the pen will follow. But since I am new to this whole process it’s an interesting discovery about myself.

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